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5 Autumn Fashion Trends

Updated: Sep 20, 2020

The leaves are turning and pumpkin spice is back. That’s right, it’s Autumn! For most of the world, we’ve been confined to our homes for months now. While you may have spent your quarantine in pyjamas, the fashion industry never rests. We’ve rounded up five fashion trends to keep an eye out for this season, whether you’ve actually got someplace to go or if you’re just transforming your living room into your personal catwalk.

Girls posing for Autumn fashion.
Time to get Autumnal with your fashion.

1. Monochrome Loungewear

After months of prioritising comfort over style, it can be hard to go back to wearing streetwear. Luckily for us, loungewear is really having a moment right now. We’re in transition mode though, so replace the image of faded t-shirts and worn-out sweats with perfectly coordinated loungewear sets. (Think: Solid colours with minimalist details). Fully monochrome sets will elevate the look just enough to say “This is fashion” instead of “I forgot to do the laundry”. If you’re feeling daring, go for bright, warm colours like orange and red. Or, keep it understated with the classic black, white, and greys.

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Some examples of our latest range...

2. Face Masks On

As face masks are becoming the norm, we’ve been seeing a huge rise in face mask style on the streets. Turn this necessity into an accessory by choosing designs that match your outfit. Like any other accessory, start a collection! We recommend building a base of neutral, solid-tone face masks first for maximum versatility. Then, up the ante by adding in fun prints and patterns.

DeadLOUD skull face mask.
Mask up. Be sensible.

When choosing a face mask, look out for features like fit and comfort. Face masks are still, at their core, a form of protection, so you want to make sure you get a snug fit. We love face masks with bendable nose wires and adjustable ear loops that make wearing them for hours on end a little easier.

3. Socially Conscious Choices

This one isn’t always necessarily visible to onlookers, but nowadays, consumers are starting to pay a lot more attention to how companies are treating their employees and the environment. Sustainability is one of the hottest topics right now in the fashion industry. We want to show that we love the earth, and each other, through the clothes that we wear.

This means investing in higher quality pieces that will stand the test of time, buying secondhand or vintage, and doing a little extra research to see where your clothes are coming from.

Note: Our garments here at DeadLOUD for a great example of this! We use the highest quality materials and source vegan-approved, organic materials wherever possible. Our sweatshirts are both vegan-approved by PETA and manufactured in compliance with the Fair Wear Foundation.

4. Falling for Fringe

With all the seriousness going on right now, fringe is lightening up the style scene with its fluid and fun cut. We’ve seen this trend come around before, so you can be sure that it’s not planning on going anywhere for a while.

Never rocked it before? Try fabrics like suede that let the fringe swing about when you move but keep it tidy when you’re still. Don’t be afraid to venture beyond neutral beiges and browns, and give bolder colours a shot! Highlight your fringe piece by keeping the rest of the outfit simple.

Cute fringe on cartoon girl.
Fringes are the future.

5. Denim Dreams

Denim is never not a trend year-round, but this autumn, we’re seeing more raw, worked-in denim pieces. There’s a big nostalgia aspect with this one, throwing it back to the vintage grunge jeans of the 80’s for men and the classic boot-cut jeans of the 70’s for the ladies. And yes, denim on denim is making a comeback as well, so grab your denim jackets and get ready to layer.

Jeans are a great beginning point to experiment with your style. Don’t be afraid to play around with different cuts and washes to find what works for you!

Double denim Asian girl.
Denim has always been cool. Double denim even cooler.

With that said, fashion is all about making it your own! Whether or not you follow these trends, make sure that you’re loving what you’re wearing, because nothing looks better than confidence.

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