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There are so many ethical, sustainable, independent, trendy, hipster, fully-organic, vegan-approved (and quite honestly, rubbish) clothing brands out there right now, so why is ours any different? Good question! Behind every great brand in history, there’s a great story. This is ours...

Our Story - Start

First of all, we’ll be transparent and say we’re not fully organic and vegan-approved 100% of the time. While we are extremely passionate about the environmental impact of our clothing, we’re also conscious of finding the balance between sustainability and practicality. We want our clothes to be affordable, without sacrificing the quality and comfort of our garments. That’s why we make sure our clothing is high quality, so that it can last longer and ultimately be more sustainable.

We started as a man with an idea. Jonny 'Famous' Williams was born in rural Wales and has made his name as a world-renowned audio engineer. Jonny has toured with some of the biggest names on the planet, mixing audio for concerts worldwide with some tours lasting years on end. Working on productions for the likes of Liam Payne, Kylie Minogue, Rita Ora, and the Wu Tang Clan (among many others!) has given Jonny an insight into what it takes to look good in the public eye. Spending time with stylists for celebrities has spurred him on to become a fashion designer in his own right.

Starting DeadLOUD™ was not only as a means of bringing unique clothing designs to life, but also a way of giving something back to the world. By aiming to be an eco-friendly, zero-waste outfit, Jonny and his team have worked tirelessly to build and achieve a well-respected, successful clothing company, recognised across our beautiful planet. Of course, it hasn't been plain sailing, but then again why would we want it to be? There've been many setbacks since our humble beginnings, such as suppliers not meeting our high standards. We want to assure our customers that we do not tolerate anything less than perfect so the potholes we've hit on our road to success have all been worth it to provide the learning curve necessary.

Not only is Jonny known for his recognised work within the entertainment industry, but he's also the founder and creator of BoomBocs®; makers of 'The Ultimate Wireless Speaker System.' Through his work with BoomBocs®, Jonny has been featured in publications such as Forbes, The Times and The Huffington Post.


Jonny finds his main influences from a deep-rooted passion for motorcycles, having been competitive motocross rider for a long time. He looks to other hip bikers for style inspiration. This, along with a keen interest in surfing and anything vaguely dangerous and outdoors, has played a big role in the formation of the unique style of DeadLOUD™.

We invite all customers to join our community by signing up to the mailing list (in the footer below). We'll update you on our new products, give you fashion tips and even talk about how you can become more eco-friendly yourself.

Important Info Re: Charity Work

Naturally, there’s a story behind Jonny’s choice of donating to the mental health charity, Mind. What could’ve been an extremely sad story has turned into a more positive outcome and deserves to be told.

Mind Logo BLACK.png

In May 2020, whilst returning from walking his little rescue pup, Jonny encountered a man stood on a bridge ahead of him. Not thinking much of it, he carried on walking towards the man in order to pass, en route home. It was only when Jonny was walking next to the man that he noticed a rope tied between a tree and the man’s neck. Before he process the severity of the situation, the man stepped off the bridge in an attempt to end his life. In the dramatic seconds that followed, Jonny’s instinct kicked in and luckily he managed to reach the man’s belt, pulling him back over to safety.


At only 5’7, Jonny is not the tallest or strongest of men but in moments like that, humans seem to be able to summon additional strength. With the man safely back on the bridge, Jonny (and Buster the dog) sat down with him and talked for quite some time. Not having any form of training  in order to handle a traumatic situation such as this, Jonny felt he needed police assistance so dialled 999. It took almost an hour for officers to arrive so in that time Jonny and the man chatted about life and the struggles the man was feeling. Without going into too much detail and in order to respect the man’s privacy, all that needs to be said is that he wasn’t feeling himself. Thankfully, he is doing much better now and Jonny quite often sees him out and about in the local area. They chat when they cross paths.


This experience really hit home with Jonny and it just goes to show you never know what other people are going through. Being kind to strangers might just make the biggest difference in their life so it’s important to listen to what they have to say.


Thanks for reading.

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